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Curio by GrayMeta

Explore the powerful features

Search and Discovery

Find exactly what you’re looking for with advanced search tools that make it easy.

Curio - search assist
Curio - tags & descriptions

Visual Tags

Gain deep insights with time-based tags that are created automatically.


Identify celebrities automatically and tag unknown people across your entire content index.(coming soon)

Curio - facial recognition
Curio - insights


Create your own list of keywords to reveal insights into speech-to-text, video captions, subtitles and visual text (OCR).

Known Graphics

Find logos and brands, and jump to where they appear in the content.

Curio - known graphics
Curio - speech-to-text


Create text from speech automatically, and edit and export files for captions or subtitles. You can choose and view embedded captions or subtitles in video files or upload your own.

Visual Text (OCR)

Scan the text in videos and images for searching and quick exporting.

Curio - OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Curio - social trends

Social Trends

Cross-reference trends in social media to find content that’s relevant to current events.

Curio by GrayMeta